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    Intro to Kundalini Yoga

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    As a beginning Kundalini Yoga student, you should go at a pace that suits your flexibility and endurance. Practice at home- a one-hour morning practice will prepare you for your day.  If you can practice at the same time each day, you will find that you improve rapidly.  Take one to three yoga classes a week and one workshop a month to establish a firm foundation for an effective program that fits your needs, goals, capacity and lifestyle.

    Wear loose comfortable clothes to class, preferably of cotton or other natural fiber.  Bring an exercise mat or towel to sit on if you desire.

    It is very important to make sure you go to the bathroom before class, and not during.  Getting up in the middle of class is very disrupting to the group energy.  Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone.  It is also important to try to stay still and not fidget during class, i.e., drink water, roll neck, etc., especially during meditation and when the teacher is speaking.  This helps you to stay present and have a deeper experience.  It also demonstrates respect for the teacher.

    The format of most Kundalini classes is as follows:

    • Class starts on time.
    • The class “tunes in” by chanting this mantra 3 times:






      Infinite Creator I call on that Transforming Wisdom Subtle energy I call on that energy

      Mantra is vibration. Energy vibrates. There’s a particular vibratory frequency corresponding to every sound in the universe. By vibrating a particular combination of sounds (syllables), you tune-in to various levels of intelligence or consciousness.
      The mantra translated above can be read as: “I open myself to the experience beyond my limited self. Let my unlimited spirit and consciousness guide me. I call on the subtle knowledge of my own highest mind to uplift me with what I learn”
      or “I bow to the Creator, to the Divine Teacher Within”
    • A theme or topic is introduced. Yoga has collected many practical guidelines to keep your life vital. Nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, meditation, breathing, body awareness, and the relationship you have with your emotions are some of the bases of these teachings.
    • Warm-up exercises for 5 to 20 minutes usually are next.
    • The main “kriya”, or exercise series, begins.  A kriya is a specially designed sequence of yoga exercises, each lasting from one to three minutes. This series will “work out” a certain component of your mind and body system – be it your glandular system, your nervous system, your organs or your muscular system. At the end of the series, you will be consolidated in a new physical and mental state.
    • Now we do a meditation. Your body will be transformed as a result of the kriya; your mind and emotions will now be made calm and clear by directing the attention. You will sense and develop your quiet mind, your ability to concentrate and project.
      The meditation is either silent or chanted, sometimes accompanied with music. It can last from five to eleven minutes in a beginner class; eleven to thirty-one minutes in an advanced class.
    • Deep relaxation follows. It is just as important to relax as to exercise vigorously. The exercises and meditation will allow you to attain a deeper healing relaxation than usual. It is an antidote for stress. Let your body become light and beautiful. Let your mind become open and imaginative. Feel free and joyous.
    • Class ends with a group projection. After raising our energy and spirits, we project that feeling to the whole world and to all those we love and care for.  To do this we sing a song:
      “May the long time sun shine upon you
      all love surround you
      and the pure light within you
      guide your way on.”


    This is a commonly used breath done in Kundalini Yoga. It is done by pumping the navel point in and out while breathing rapidly through the nose. On the exhale, the navel is pulled in. At first it is easier to focus on the exhale and start at a slow rhythm. Eventually you want to have a rapid, equal and consistant breath. This breath strengthens the nervous system, purifies the blood and energizes the body.


    This frequently used practice closes off the lower 3 chakras and allows the kundalini energy to rise. You do this by contracting the muscles of the rectum, the sex organs and the navel point – pulling in and up on the navel.



    Hatha Yoga with Krishnapriya

    KrishnapriyaTransform your body and uplift your soul.

    Experience the flow…

    Each yoga sequence utilizes the breath with the movement of our body and connects us to our inner stillness. Stretch and strengthen the body and calm the mind. An energetic and uplifting class that helps to create balance, reduce stress and generate a feeling of overall wellness. Learn breath techniques and meditation practices to help relax and create a deeper awareness. Students of all levels welcome!

    Hatha Flyer


    Yoga Flow, Pranayama and Meditation

    Immerse yourself in the flow of yoga.  Each yoga sequence in this uplifting class utilizes the breath and connects us to our own inner strength and stillness.

    Stretch and strengthen the body, calm the mind and get a great work out in the process!
    Class is energetic, dynamic and fun.

    All levels Welcome!


    Wednesday Night Special $8.00!!!

    $40 for 40 days unlimited yoga pass special!

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